Infra Team Notepad

Excuse me, what is this?

This is a notepad for the 2024 Infra job openings! It has a shortcut to get your job application some extra attention, if you are applying for a job on the Matroid Infra team.

Okay, where is the shortcut?

Ohhh yes, let me find the instructions for you...


...Ah, there is a link with some hints, let me put it up here: zone.bind

But the link is not working????

Ah, my bad, I don't remember what I did, but that is all I have for you. Good luck!

Is this challenge still active?

ClosedHowever the challenge is still available for you to try out. If you stuck, checkout an awesome writeup here: Thanks for taking time!

Expected time spent?

~30 mins

Do I need to do this challenge?

No, but we receive a lot of applications, and this helps you stand out.

How do I know if I reach the end of the challenge?

You will see a clear instruction that you know, this is the end of the challenge :). If you are confused --- either it is part of the challenge, or you are on the wrong direction.

Further questions?

You will receive a confirmation email after you've submitted your application, you can send questions there if you want. However, if your question is part of the challenge or ask for hint, we probably won't reply to that. DO NOT email support or any other email not shown in the instructions!